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Residential property

   The most popular projects are home additions. These include both attached (new bedroom, sunroom, deck) and detached (garage, storage) structures. Remodeling are alternations within existing floor plan.The following examples of our recent projects will provide an idea of the processes involved and price ranges.

  1. House addition in Campbell city
  2. House addition in Menlo Park city
  3. Detached 2-car garage in San Jose city
  4. Master bedroom remodeling in San Ramon city
  5. Kitchen remodeling in Saratoga city

Commercial property

   Following are several examples of our work for commercial property. Most commercial plans must be approved and wet stamped by a licensed architect or structural engineer. If no structural changes involved in the plans, plans can be done by a designer and presented in the city department by a general contractor.

  1. Shed construction in Santa Clara city
  2. Remodeling of the antique store in San Francisco city
  3. Remodeling of the bank of America branch into restaurant and launch bar in San Jose city
  4. Remodeling of the convenient store in Oakland city
  5. Preliminary review plans for construction of 3-story row houses in San Jose city

Additions and remodeling plans in San Jose - Bolt Design Studio